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vCare Denmark ApS - SDG Tech Awards 2022

We at vCare Denmark ApS are proud to be nominated for SDG Tech Awards 2022.

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vCare Denmark ApS collaborates with Cliniexperts in India for cross-border facilitation of regulatory and compliance services

This strategic partnership will help vCare Denmark ApS leverage Cliniexperts’ expertise in regulatory affairs in India and offer their full range of services to companies in the EU. With its widespread network spanning the Nordic and EU region, vCare Denmark will now offer 2-way seamless, streamlined and hassle-free regulatory regimes to European companies wanting to enter India, and vice versa. This, with a promise of end-to-end fulfilment. vCare looks forward to help Danish, Nordic and European companies who aspire to enter Indian market acting as their local partners.


Since the regulatory dynamics in India are complex and decentralized, multiple federal and state actors are involved in the compliance fulfilment process. On top of it, the framework is oft-changing, making compliance a niche specialism of expert agencies. It is a difficult if not impossible proposition for businesses to handle this process on their own. This is particularly true for the overseas companies wanting to enter the India market. Given this predicament, the collaboration is a momentous development for the entire EU region, whose India-entry aspirants will now benefit from Cliniexperts’ proven experience and expertise delivered on a silver platter. On its part, vCare will leverage its EU outreach and coordinate Cliniexperts’ EU business. This new business will also further diversify the company’s service portfolio.


Khushboo Verma, CEO of vCare Denmark is quite excited about this collaboration. On a personal note, she said, “Firstly, this is like homecoming for me! As an Indian expat, it gives me tremendous pleasure and satisfaction to partner this collaboration. This partnership supports us in our ambition of improving healthcare in India – both using our own platform but also using innovation from other companies. Besides, Rashmi Verma (COO, Cliniexperts) and I went to the same college in Kanpur, India. So yes, this is also a friends’ reunion! It will offer us more occasions and reasons to meet and bond.”


Dwelling on vCare’s current business contexts and the scope of this collaboration, Khushboo said, “Having established vCare in 2021, we are focused on compassionate and holistic patient care from the start. I have experience with multiple small, big and large scale projects to develop and implement health technology in Denmark, Finland and other parts of the world. Therefore, I know precisely what it takes to make these transformations. Next, our technology is instrumental in democratizing healthcare and promoting our core motto of tech-empowered patient care. Using AI and ML in a relevant manner, we offer cutting-edge  yet affordable solutions. On the service and business management side, we are quite active in the 3P vertical – product, process, and program management. With deep domain knowledge and proven proficiency, we offer consultancy to large scale transformation projects having citizens in center. As we emerge from the pandemic and economic activity resumes worldwide, we are able to resume our established activities and accompany our customers in a totally new journey, i.e. India-centric regulatory services in the region, thanks to this collaboration. It (the collaboration) could not have happened at a better time. It diversifies our portfolio and enables us to grow at scale.”


Being the driving force behind vCare Denmark, Khushboo has led the company to greater heights with her human-first ethos. सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः, meaning, ‘May all be healthy’ is the defining principle of vCare’s diverse activities. This ancient Indian wisdom has led to the company’s recognition on various fora and platforms, including media coverages and awards.



Interview with Khushboo Verma


vCare Denmark ApS founder, Khushboo Verma was interviewed within the framework of the Copenhagen business hub. 



vCare in the top 5 finalists for SDG Tech Awards

vCare Denmark with our project for 'Diabetes in India' got a place in the top 5 finalists for SDG Tech Awards 2021. 

'Diabetes in India' was selected as a finalist in the #SDGTechAwards2021 in the Research award category from more than 600 applicants.

The SDG Tech Awards is the largest sustainability award in the Nordics and recognizes companies that contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.



Effect measurement on pilots


How to measure the impact and results of a pilot or PoC in public sector? Being able to measure is the first step towards improvement. We are in the process of researching and establishing metrics with both industry and academics. The article is to be published on the website and linked-in.



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